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Holz Racing

Romo Family Debuts Holz Polaris RZR at Nugget 250
Holz Racing’s BITD Nugget 250 Pro Turbo UTV Race Report

Lynden, WA (12/8/2017) - Randy Romo teamed up with is daughter Sierra and debuted a new Holz Racing Products Polaris RZR in the Best in the Desert Series Pahrump Nugget 250. The father-daughter racing team finished 12th in the BITD season finale held in the desert around Pahrump, NV

Randy Romo BITD UTV Racing
Holz Racing's Randy Romo made his BITD Pro Turbo UTV racing debut at the Pahrump Nugget 250 in a brand new Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

The track was easily the most difficult of the season, featuring tough rock sections and heavy silt beds. With little wind, dust made visibility difficult. Though it marked the Romo’s BITD debut, in a brand-new car, they had few issues and finished, while many BITD veterans fell out with issues.

“Honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finish a 250-mile race in a brand new car,” said Randy Romo. “It’s a big accomplishment and a tribute to the cars that Mark builds. I looked at the finishing list and if you look at the names of the drivers that finished behind us, these are guys that have doing this for years. I can’t be more proud of how Sierra co-drove and we’re just ecstatic.”

Randy Romo BITD UTV Racing
Randy Romo & Sierra Romo will both be competing in Holz Racing Polaris RZR's in 2018 in both the BITD and WORCS Series

The new Polaris RZR is one of several the machines they will be running next season. Holz is currently building a center-seat Polaris RZR for Sierra to campaign in WORCS series

“Everyone in the Romo family will be racing Holz products,” said Randy Romo. “Sierra has a new center seat being built for WORCS. He doesn’t usually build center seat cars, but he wanted to make sure we were all running his cars so he made an exception.”

Randy Romo BITD UTV Racing
Holz Racing's Randy Romo & Sierra Romo finished 12th in their BITD Pro Turbo UTV racing debut

Sierra Romo, who came into her own in WORCS this season, is still in high school, but is exhibiting the skill and determination required to be a championship-level driver. She co-drove with her father, but will be in the driver’s seat when the series kicks off its 2018 season in January.

“The other racers were saying that was, by far, the roughest terrain this year so to come out here in our first race and finish was a win for us,” said Sierra Romo. “I love being out there with my dad and watching his lines. I always learn so much from him. I am super stoked for this opportunity and I can’t thank my parents enough.”

The Romo family will have a busy 2018 as they will contest both the WORCS and BITD season. Look for Randy and Sierra, both driving a Holz RZR, as BITD kicks off its 2018 season January 5-6 in Parker, AZ.

About Holz Racing
Incorporated in 1995, Holz Racing Products has since been designing, innovating and manufacturing the highest quality and best performing suspension and chassis components in the industry. Our commitment to quality and our no-compromise design philosophy is what keeps Holz at the leading edge our industry; Performance and function first.

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