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Can-Am's Logan Gastel Podiums at BITD Tonopah 250

Highland, CA (10/25/2017) - Can-Am’s Logan Gastel continued one his strongest Best in the Desert Series seasons on record as he finished third in round six of the series: the Tonopah 250. The podium handed Gastel sole possession of third in Pro Turbo UTV points going into the final race of the season.

Logan Gastel Can-Am Maverick X3 BITD Racing
Logan Gastel scored another podium finish in the BITD Pro Turbo class at the Tonopah 250 with a third place finish

The racecourse was set up on the dry lakebeds and rocky desert outside Tonopah, NV. The open sections provided the class lots of room to breath and many, including Gastel, were reporting hitting close to triple digit speeds. Those speeds kicked up a lot of dust, so visibility was at a premium.

Gastel started 15th and was running a hard pace before impacting a large rock at mile marker 70. His Lonestar Suspension components held strong on his Can-Am and he kept going to score the third-place finish.

Logan Gastel Can-Am Maverick X3 BITD Racing
LSR Racing's Logan Gastel started 15th in the Pro Turbo UTV Class

“Our goal was to push as hard as we could to try to get up to the front,” explained Gastel. “The Lonestar Suspension Components held up to the brutal beating we put them through. I’m amazed we didn’t rip the front end off of that car with the size of the rock we hit. It was the size of a beach ball and we hit it at speed. We had no flats or wheel issues. For us to push from 15th to third and keep the guys in front of us honest was definitely what we set out to do.”

The high speeds turned the race into one of BITD’s fastest in recent memory. Gastel was impressed at the performance of his Can-Am. Gastel became a factory Can-Am driver this year and is racing the company’s X3.

Logan Gastel Can-Am Maverick X3 BITD Racing

“That car amazes me every single race with how hard and how fast we drive it,” said Gastel. “It just keeps going and never gives me any trouble. The reliability is great. It just goes and goes. The speed and the power the car produces are unbelievable.”

His ITP Tires, Lonestar Suspension, and Fox Shocks were also keys to his success. With high speeds comes high stress and the components worked flawlessly all day.

“Lonestar Suspension with Fox Shocks ate up that desert,” said Gastel. “I’ve been racing BITD for three years and this was, by far, the fastest course I’ve ever run. We pushing 93 miles per hour today in some of the sections and it handled right. We ran the 30-inch ITP Tires. They were the same set I ran at the Caliente 150. It’s amazing because these tires look like they could go another 300 miles.”

Gastel now sits a lone third in points and is definitely in contention for the championship. That title bid will come down to the final race in December.

“It’s going to come down to Pahrump,” said Gastel. “Everyone is going to have to bring their A games. The competitiveness and the level of talent in our class are pretty aggressive.”

Gastel will finish out the BITD season at the Pahrump Nugget 250 December 2 in Pahrump, NV.

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