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Driven Powersports

Driven Powersports Takes Fourth at BITD Parker 250
Dofo Arellano & Felipe Velez make impressive debut on Can-Am

Casper, WY (1/11/2018) - Can-Am Driven Powersports’ rider Don Higbee teamed up with Dofo Arellano and Felipe Velez on a Can-Am Outlander 1000R and fought hard to finish fourth in the 2018 Best in the Desert Series season opening Parker 250.

Can-Am Outlander 1000 BITD Racing
Can-Am / Driven Powersport's Don Higbee along with Dofo Arellano and Felipe Velez secured a fourth place finish at the BITD Parker 250

Higbee and his Driven Powersports teammates ran some of the fastest times ever recorded on the Outlander in the warm and clear conditions and were well in contention for a podium. However, a fuel tank venting issue made refueling difficult in the pits and the extra time moved them to fourth at finish.

“We had an awesome weekend with some of the fastest times we’ve had on the Can-Am Outlander,” said Higbee. “Unfortunately, the tank wouldn’t vent and it wasn’t something we could fix in the heat of battle, but we’re off to a good start. The class is small, but everyone that’s out there is super fast. There is a lot of competition and we’re super happy with how fast we ran. We’re just at the level now where we can’t make any mistakes.”

Can-Am Outlander 1000 BITD Racing
Can-Am / Driven Powersport's Dofo Arellano adapted quickly to the Can-Am Outlander in the first lap of the race to hold a top three position

Arellano and Velez rode their first racing laps on the Outlander. The pair was immediately up to speed and both were helpful both on and off the track.

“This was really the first time Dofo and Felipe raced a 4X4 quad, and they caught onto it right away,” said Higbee. “They helped us make some great adjustments. Felipe used some of his desert experience to do a little tuning on our shocks. We also worked with Airdam Clutches on our clutching. The machine ripped and it was great all day long. Other than the vent tube issue, we had a great race.”

Can-Am Outlander 1000 BITD Racing
Desert Racing Veteran, Felipe Velez also joined the team for 2018

Higbee continues his run of zero flat tires that is going at nearly a year and a half. He credited his Kenda Tires, OMF Wheels and Tire Spines for the record.

“We’ve had a great run for the last year and half with Kenda HT Bearclaws and Tire Spines,” said Higbee. “We never touch them; even in the pits. We never have to even look at them. They have been solid for us and we’ve had no flats. Those in combination with OMF wheels have just been the standard for us.”

The Parker course is known for its high speed. With speeds approaching 100 mph, Higbee was happy to know that DP Brakes would work when he needed to haul back on the reigns on the fast Can-Am.

“There is a lot of high speed at Parker, but there are also some sections where you have to drag the brake or check up so DP Brakes were key today,” said Higbee. “They make the greatest brake pad out there. It’s nice to know that when I’m going 80 miles per hour and need to lock the brakes that the machine is going to come to a stop.”

Can-Am Outlander 1000 BITD Racing

Jose Torres will join Higbee and Arellano during the next BITD ATV race, the UTV World Championship. That race is scheduled for April 6-7 in Laughlin, NV.

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Driven Powersports

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