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Gerken Racing

Jacob Gerken Competitive in First Trip to ERX
Midwest Short Course • Rounds 3 & 4 ERX • UTV Race Report

Marietta, GA (7/19/2018) – Jacob Gerken put in two strong runs in his Polaris RZR during the Lucas Oil Short Course League race at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, MN. Gerken is competing in the Sportsman SXS Stock class this season.

Jacob Gerken Midwest Short Course
Gerken Racing's Jacob Gerken

The doubleheader event was run on ERX’s fast and technical course. In Friday’s race, Gerken started 13th and made all the way up to fifth before contact slowed his charge and he finished 10th.

“We were tangling up with a Can-Am and an RS1, bumping in the turns and getting landed on so it was a rough race once I got up to the front,” said Gerken. “This is the fastest track I’ve ever been on and the whoops section is very technical. Thankfully, I learned it really quickly and I had fun.”

Jacob Gerken Midwest Short Course

In Saturday’s race, Gerken again made his way to the front before a tip over in the hairpin set him back. After getting back on four wheels, he was charging to the front when another competitor rear-ended his machine, which took him out of contention.

“I got rolled back over and got going again but someone slammed me from behind and I blew a belt,” said Gerken. “We’ll be ready for Bark River.”

Jacob Gerken Midwest Short Course

The Sportsman class is definitely not for the timid, and contact is par for the course. Gerken said his Polaris RZR put up with a ton of abuse that would have left other UTVs on the side of the track.

“I was very pleased with the way the Polaris RZR worked this weekend,” said Gerken. “It’s a tough car, it can take a beating, and still run strong. Holz made a sweet cage and the Walker Evans Shocks were on point all weekend.”

Gerken will be back in action when the Midwest Short Course League heads to Bark River International Raceway August 10-12.

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Gerken Racing

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