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Romo Motorsports
Romo Family Rocks Best in the Desert Season Opener
Romo Motorsports' Best in the Desert Parker 250 Race Report

Henderson, NV (1/13/2018) - Romo Motorsports’ Randy and Sierra Romo posted impressive results during the Parker 250 races. In the short course race, Randy Romo won the UTV Turbo class race, while daughter Sierra was third in UTV Production. Sierra Romo also competed in her first Desert race, finishing 12th after a spectacular run.

Randy and Sierra Romo Polaris RZR Racing
Romo Motorsports' Randy Romo Won the Short Course Pro Production Turbo & Sierra Romo finished third in the Production 1000 Class

Randy Romo utilized the same Polaris RZR Turbo he used in WORCS last year in the short course race. Prepared by Mark Holz of Holz Racing Products, the elder Romo dominated the field, finishing over five minutes ahead of the runner-up.

“It was a good day,” said Randy Romo. “It was a struggle last season with these brand new turbos. We had trouble trying to help them stay cool and keeping the belts alive, but I really think we have a good handle on it now. It was an hour-long race, we had no belt issues. We have this turbo figured out and I’m looking forward to a dominant run this season.”

Randy and Sierra Romo Polaris RZR Racing
Romo Motorsports' Randy Romo won the overall by over 5 minutes

Sierra Romo turned a slow start into a podium in the Production class short course event. Driving a one-of-a-kind Holz-built center seat Polaris RZR, she was quickly up to speed and motoring through the field on the first lap despite not having driven the car prior to the event.

“I had zero time in testing and the car only had 12 miles on it at the start line,” said Sierra Romo. “The start was difficult because I got left thinking my car was running and it wasn’t. On the straightaway I was instantly passing people. My GBC Tires hooked up great. I noticed how well the suspension worked on some really harsh whoops. To get a podium in the first race with no testing, no tuning, and no clutching is pretty impressive.”

Randy and Sierra Romo Polaris RZR Racing
Romo Motorsports' Sierra Romo

In the desert race, Sierra Romo started 44th and turned that into a 12th-place finish in a new Holz-built Polaris RZR Turbo. Running with co-driver Jared Blitz, she fought the dust and rough conditions to put in an expert run.

Randy and Sierra Romo Polaris RZR Racing

“It was brutal and it was dusty,” said Sierra Romo. “On a straightaway, we passed two people within the first mile. We got the new Terra Masters from GBC and we were just blowing past people. I didn’t realize how much power the turbo had and I was just motoring past the other cars. I’m excited for the Mint 400. I’m co-driving with my dad there. I’m very impressed with how the car ran and I can’t wait to run it again.”

The Romos will be back in action as the WORCS Racing Series kicks off its 2018 season at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. That race is scheduled for February 2-4.

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Romo Motorsports

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