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2017 GNCC Racing Series
Round #13 - Ironman
Crawfordsville, IN
October 28, 2017

GNCC Racing Series

Cody Miller Wins Ironman GNCC, Clinches Championship
Ironman GNCC SXS & Single Seat Race Report

Crawfordsville, IN (11/1/2017) - Cody Miller had a race of firsts at the season ending Ironman round of the AMSOIL GNCC Series presented by Maxxis. He scored his first holeshot of the season, won his first race of the year, and clinched the GNCC championship for Yamaha, its first. But it wasn’t at all easy and with the points close at the end, the title chase definitely came down the final round.

Pro UTV Podium GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing Overall UTV Podium (left to right)
Kyle Chaney (2nd), Cody Miller (1st), Jamie McCoy (3rd)

Cold temperatures and snow were in the forecast on race day. As in years past, the track was quickly rutted and became slick. With tight woods, open fields and a motocross section, the circuit had a nice blend of different terrain.

Cody Miller was fast off the line in his Yamaha, shocking everyone when he took an unlikely holeshot. From there, a three-car battle developed with Miller, his brother Hunter and Kyle Chaney all in the mix.

Cody Miller GNCC Racing

Yamaha's Cody Miller grabbed his first holeshot of the season

Hunter Miller tried to strike on one of the uphill sections, but contact with Cody Miller sent him back. Chaney briefly took the lead using lapped traffic, but Cody Miller wasn’t going to be denied and he took the lead in the motocross section and went on to victory. Chaney finished second and Jamie McCoy was third. Both were driving Can-Ams.

Cody Miller GNCC Racing

ELKA's Cody Miller found himself in a three way battle for the win with Hunter Miller & Kyle Chaney, but in the end, Cody claimed his first win of the season & clinched his 2nd straight XC1 UTV Championship

“That thing came out of the hole like a rocket,” said Cody Miller. “Kyle and I were having a great race. He didn’t give me any breathing room. We got behind a lapper and Kyle got out ahead of me. I finally got him in the motocross section over here, but he gave me very few opportunities.”

The victory handed Cody Miller his second consecutive GNCC title. It was also Yamaha’s first GNCC title and second championship of the season. A Yamaha driven by CJ Greaves won the TORC Pro Stock title. Consistency is what made it happen for Cody Miller. Along with his victory here, he scored three runner-up finishes and two fourth-place runs.

“Thank God for consistency,” said Cody Miller. “That’s what put me here in the center of the box for the championship. My Yamaha, by far, is one of the most reliable machines on the track. Yamaha stood behind me this year and gave me great support. It was a learning experience at first and the car has gotten so much better every race.”

Cody Miller GNCC Racing

#1 Cody Miller celebrates his 2nd Straight GNCC Pro XC1 UTV Championship at the Ironman GNCC

For Cody Miller, racing is more than just a vocation. It’s a family tradition. Cody and Hunter Miller both grew up racing ATVs and a hot line of competition runs in their blood.

“I have to thank my mom and dad for the opportunity of growing up in this environment,” said Cody Miller. “I have a long history of racing and I couldn’t have been here without their help. My brother has been my main competition all of my life.”

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