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2017 TORC Series
Round #1
Chicagoland Slam
Joliet, Illinois
May 13, 2017

TORC Series

TORC Off-Road Round One Pro UTV Race Report

Kyle Chaney, a regular in GNCC competition, nabbed the podium with bold moves at the end of the race in his Can-Am X3. The pressure he put on VanEperen at the end of the event led to the exciting photo finish.

Kyle Chaney TORC Pro UTV Racing

Kyle Chaney is racing his Can-Am Maverick X3 in the TORC Series

“I went for the pass on the last corner and it was nose to nose at the finish line,” said Chaney. “My Can-Am worked great and CT Race Worx built me a good car. During practice I thought the track was horrible. In qualifying, it got better and when the water evaporated out of the track for the race, it was great.”

Kyle Chaney TORC Pro UTV Racing

Kyle Chaney nearly pulled off the win in the TORC Pro UTV debut after battling Rodney VanEperen to the checkered flag

Farr, also a GNCC veteran, was charging hard when he could, but the tune on his Can-Am’s engine was a little too extreme as he experienced overheating issues throughout the race. The cautions and the red flag helped cool his ride, but he was still doing whatever he could on the final two laps to secure the podium.

Tim Farr TORC Pro UTV Racing

JB Racing's Tim Farr held off Kyle Chaney for most of the race before dropping to third place in the final laps, which he held to the checkered

“I knew I was holding up Kyle, so I just tried to keep doing good laps,” said Farr, who will be contesting the entire TORC season. “I tried to push it those last two laps and the gauge went to full hot. So I’m glad to finish on the podium. I knew Kyle was going to get me, but I just wanted to hang with those guys. The track is so different from the start to the finish because it starts out super wet and then it was really hooking up at the end. So it’s really hard to set up for that. You have to drive consistently and stay out of trouble.”

Zakowski had engine trouble in qualifying and was eighth for the start. Despite starting in the middle of the field, Zakowski drove his new Yamaha to a fourth-place finish. Zakowski is also a GNCC veteran.

Zac Zakowski TORC Pro UTV Racing

Another GNCC Racer is making the switch to the TORC Series with Zac Zakowski joining the mix for 2017 & he made an impressive showing in the 4th spot at Round One

“This is completely new,” said Zakowski. “We were in Can-Ams for years and now we’re in a stick shift Yamaha. It’s going great and I never want to switch. This track is really tough, tight and technical, so it was similar to GNCC without the trees. It dried up at the end and got really tacky. I was laughing that three guys in the top three were from GNCC.”

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