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2017 TORC Series
Round #1
Chicagoland Slam
Joliet, Illinois
May 13, 2017

TORC Series

CJ Greaves Takes TORC Pro Stock UTV Win

In the TORC Pro Stock UTV race, Greaves had issues in practice and qualifying. So his team threw everything at the car, including a new engine for the race. Despite having to start at the back of the field, Greaves found the dry lines on the track and passed everyone, taking the lead in Joker Lane from Ken Masch on the final lap to net the win. Masch was second, ahead of Zach Martin. All three were driving Yamahas. Scott Wasz was fourth, ahead of the Bikeman Polaris of Jason Luburgh.

TORC Racing Pro SxS Podium

TORC Pro Mod SxS / UTV Podium (left to right)
Ken Masch (2nd), CJ Greaves (1st), Zach Martin (3rd)

“We busted our butts, took an old engine out of another car that we knew ran well, but we had to start at the back,” said Greaves. “The track was really wet and slick. We just worked out the dry lines and that’s what did it; I was just finding the dry lines. They brought in a ton of dirt and put in some impressive jumps.”

CJ Greaves TORC Pro UTV Racing

Yamaha's CJ Greaves battled his way from last place to the front of the pack to take the win in the TORC Pro Stock UTV class

Greaves was happy with Yamaha YXZ 1000’s competitiveness during the race. The marque is quickly becoming the one to beat in short-course competition.

CJ Greaves TORC Pro UTV Racing

Monster Energy's CJ Greaves celebrating the TORC Pro UTV Opener

“All three cars on the podium are Yamahas with Maxxis Tires, so these are definitely the cars to beat in short course,” said Greaves. “Now we have to do a little more work and bring it out the desert and some of the other events.”

Masch qualified on the pole and drew a zero on the invert to start first. He held the lead for most of the race, but a cautious pace in the Joker Lane handed Greaves the lead on the final lap.

Ken Masch TORC Pro UTV Racing

Ken Masch held the Pro Stock lead for the majority of the race before dropping to 2nd place in the final laps

“The track was a sloppy mess at the start and I played it a little too cautious,” said Masch. “Coming into the Joker Lane, I took it a little too easy. It was unknown territory for me, and CJ, he never lets off. I’m a little disappointed, because I know what we’re capable of.”

Martin made the trip from Georgia to make his third TORC start here. After a slow start, he used the Joker Lane to his advantage to gain three spots and finish third.

Zac Martin TORC Pro UTV Racing

Zach Martin rounded out the TORC Pro Stock UTV Top Three

“I made an error at the start and came out fifth,” explained Martin. “We battled it out with the top five cars. We transferred a few spots here and there and the Joker lap worked out in our favor this time. It’s a use-or-lose thing. You get to take a hot lap around the oval. There is some strategy and also some luck in it, but it worked out well for us.”

Luburgh had a tough start, but utilized the Joker Lane early to move through the field. Though he finished fifth, he knows his Bikeman team is up to the challenge this year. Luburgh is competing in both Pro Stock and Pro Modified this year after finishing second last year in the Pro Stock championship.

Jason Luburgh TORC Pro UTV Racing

Bikeman Performance's Jason Luburgh rounded out the top five

“It was a rough start and it was hard to see early,” said Luburgh. “The Joker lap helped me a lot. I worked my way up to fifth. There is a lot of talent this year and both classes are a lot tougher. They separated the classes this year so I thought it would be cool to run both. We just have to be extra prepared.”

The event was part of a doubleheader weekend with round two scheduled for Sunday at Route 66.

TORC Series
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