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2017 WORCS Racing
Round #7 - Sand Hollow
April 23, 2017
Hurricane, Utah

WORCS Racing Series

Josh Row Takes Pro ATV Win at Sand Hollow WORCS

Sloan crashed on the second lap. He was charging hard for Row when he got wedged in the scoring chute. He recovered to finish third. “I had a get off on the second lap, but I kept pushing,” said Sloan. “I was catching Josh and I got stuck in the scoring chute. That was the race.”

Mike Sloan WORCS Racing
STI's Mike Sloan scored the final spot on the WORCS Pro ATV Podium

Robbie Mitchell was happy to survive his scary crash unhurt. After remounting his quad, he ran a slow pace for a few laps before charging up into the top five.

Robbie Mitchell WORCS Racing
Zbros Racing's Robbie Mitchell went down hard in the 2nd turn, but luckily he was ok & quickly took off after the get off

“I caught a square edge and I went over,” said Mitchell. “I tried to settle in to see how I felt the first couple of laps to make sure I didn’t really hurt myself. I started to push really hard and found some lines. It’s been up and down this season. I’ve had a big win and a big crash, so the next one ought to be good.”

Robbie Mitchell WORCS Racing
Robbie Mitchell finished in the 4th spot

Collins Webster was in the thick of the action for most of the race, showcasing a continuation of his break out season. Webster had tracked down Baron and was attempting to capitalize on a mistake. Unfortunately, fueling issues slowed his charge on the final lap.

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
Collins Webster suffered a vapor lock on his fuel tank, which sidelined him late in the race while battling for a spot on the podium

“I didn’t want to push too hard because the track was a little sketchy,” said Webster. “I had a few opportunities to pass him, but I was trying to wear Beau down. My vent hose was plugged and the bike vapor locked. I opened up the fuel cap, pushed it in and the bike fired. It’s been a good season. We’re battling for podiums now. The suspension is great, the engine is there, the tires are good…everything is where it should be. Other than some unforeseen circumstances, we’re doing OK.”

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