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2017 WORCS Racing
Round #7 - Sand Hollow
April 23, 2017
Hurricane, Utah

WORCS Racing Series

Bryce Peart Takes Sand Hollow WORCS Pro-Am Win

In Pro-Am, Bryce Peart won his first race in what has turned into the most competitive class in WORCS ATV racing this season. Logan Huff was second, ahead of Tyler Benally. Huff, Benally and Peart now sit first, second and third in the championship, respectively, with just six points separating the three.

WORCS Racing ProAm ATV Podium
WORCS Racing Pro-Am ATV Podium (left to right)
Tyler Benally (3rd), Bryce Peart (1st), Logan Huff (2nd)

“It was rough and it only got rougher and rougher,” said Peart. “I’ve been working pretty hard and it finally paid off. Collins Webster talked me into running Mesquite and I was hooked.”

Bryce Peart WORCS Racing
STI's Bryce Peart claimed his first Pro-Am WORCS Win at Sand Hollow

Huff said suspension adjustments helped him with the rough track. He led the first five laps before arm pump sent him to second at the finish.

Logan Huff WORCS Racing
GBC's Logan Huff finished in the 2nd spot to maintain the points lead

“I made a few shock adjustments with the advice of Doug Roll,” said Huff. “I held the lead for about five laps until after I pitted and my hands were cramping up. Bryce got around me and he was riding really well today. I settled for second after playing it safe. We’re just going to keep plugging away at the points.”

Benally shook off bad luck experienced in the last race and came home with his fourth podium of the season. He ran a conservative pace after realizing Huff and Peart were significantly faster than he was.

Tyler Benally WORCS Racing
STI's Tyler Benally secured the final spot on the WORCS Pro-Am Podium

“These two just had speed I couldn’t find,” said Benally. “The bike was running smooth, but it was more a comfort thing. I just couldn’t find that extra gear. It feels good to be back on the podium, especially after Vegas. Vegas was not good to me. I’m excited for the next race and finishing out the season.”

The next race for the WORCS Series is scheduled for May 19-21 at Iron Mine Racepark in Cedar City, UT.

WORCS Racing Series
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